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Pack one. Wear many.

The SWOPS™ interchangeable sandal is the travel lover’s secret weapon. Staying cool, comfortable and stylish on warm-weather getaways has never been easier – or more fun! 

Create your own perfect travel sandal in just 3 simple steps! 

After years of travelling ourselves, we discovered that packing multiple pairs of shoes for every trip was a huge pain. We wanted to focus on our adventures, not the stress of packing. We wanted to travel in style, without all the hefty luggage.  We wanted freedom from our suitcase, yet our wanderlusting feet still craved comfortable footwear, that didn’t sacrifice style. SWOPS™ has solved the ever-elusive search for the perfect travel sandal.  With an innovative convertible design, SWOPS interchangeable sandals are a true treat for globetrotters and their toes. Go ahead, toss all those bulky sandals, flip flops and heels.  One pair of SWOPS is all you need! 

SWOPS interchangeable sandals begin with one lightweight 3-loop base that is crafted for comfort, designed for style and made for your carry-on. We understand how important finding the right travel shoe is, so we’ve made sure ours feature ultra-comfy, high quality EVA bases, arch support and soft, flexible fabric laces. With over 40 lace colours and patterns to coordinate with – from playful to neutral – combined with a curated collection of limited-edition bling, SWOPS interchangeable sandals are every woman’s holy grail solution for any travel wardrobe. 

One base + your choice of lace + a bit of bling = endless combinations for every occasion! 

Ideal for travel. One is all you’ll want. 

A more sustainable footwear choice that offers affordable, versatile style without all the waste. 

  • Beach weddings and honeymoons; or a personalized gift for your bridesmaid.
  • Swap from classic to gladiator, flat to wedge, casual chic to seriously sexy. 
  • Fun, flip flop style that’s flexible and comfortable; Easy on and off. 
  • Long-lasting, durable EVA foam bases, with added arch support.
  • Saves precious real estate in your suitcase. Great to tuck into hand luggage.
  • Ships in a zippered mesh bag for easy carrying + doubles as a wash bag!
  • Coordinates effortlessly with the SWOPS Little Travel Dress. 
  • Spend less on shoes, so you can invest in more wanderlusting!

Travellers, meet your new holy grail travel sandal!

We’ve all been there. That moment when we reach our destination. Our vitamin Sea. The sun is warm, the palms are swaying, the tropical breeze is intoxicating and our long-awaited escape has begun. Do we start by the pool, the architecture or the charming local shops? We’ve prepared for it all. Painstakingly packed our luggage including shoes for every occasion: flats for ease, sandals for shopping, flip flops for the beach, runners for, well, running, sexy heels for dancing…and a few more options…for just in case. 

Then, the inevitable happens. Our overstuffed bags filled with countless outfits and an entire shoe wardrobe suddenly feel excessive. Unnecessary. Perhaps even out of place.  Worst of all, our toes are crying out for comfort!

In fact, according to travel experts and in-the-know globetrotters, most of us go overboard when we pack for a trip, especially when it comes to our shoes! Don’t worry, we’ve been there too, and we knew there was a better way. 

That’s the beauty of SWOPS. One shoe is all you need! 

How do SWOPS work? 

With just one base, you can swap, style, coordinate and play to create an entire travel shoe wardrobe in JUST THREE STEPS!

  1. One lightweight base
  2. Your choice of laces
  3. Plus a bit of pretty bling 

For every look and every occasion with endless versatility and comfort! 

While the options are truly endless, we can help you get inspired with some of our favourite SWOPS interchangeable sandal looks HERE (show tutorial).  Be your own shoe designer!  Get creative! Add extra laces, try more bling, experiment with tying styles and play with different colour combinations. Creating your own sandals is as effortless as it is fun. 

“I live for my flip flops and I feel like I’ve tried them all. SWOPS sandals are brilliant! Unlike most thin foam bases that wear down quickly, these bases are so comfy and they last forever. Plus, the fabric laces are incredibly soft – love my SWOPS!” Pam, Ottawa, Canada

“…there are laces in every possible colour and pattern. It’s so much fun creating new styles!” Katie, Chelsea, Canada

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Pack one. Wear many. Travel more!

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