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SWOPS is changing the way women travel

SWOPS was created by travelers for travelers, with the vision of streamlining women' suitcases by offering limitless choice and creativity with stylish multitaskers that are made for each other

One sandal. Endless looks. 

As a couple that travelled extensively, often taking cruises, the founders of SWOPS found themselves trying to discover new ways to pack less, which often meant sacrificing options, not to mention style.

Until 2015, on a trip in the Caribean where they discovered a pop-up "candy shop" filled with fun, vibrant looking bases in a rainbow of laces to choose.

On that day, SWOPS sandals was born. 

SWOPS sandals were created to incorporate all of fun and versatility of those they discovered in Mexico, but improving on what was currently on the market. With added features like EVA footbeds and built-in arch support, SWOPS are both durable and ultra-comfy. Laces are hand-made in Canada and one-of-a-kind sandal bling is curated in Mexico, hand-made just for SWOPS. 

SWOP bases. SWOP laces. SWOP bling!

With just one base, women can now create their own endless styles for every getaway, look and occasion - an entire shoe collection - tucked right into your carry-on!

Pack one. Wear many. 

Inspired by the success of our interchangeable sandals, SWOPS launched the multiway 14 in 1 travel garment to pack even MORE style into even LESS space in your luggage! With growing weight restriction on airlines, the SWOPS 14 in 1 is the perfect "LTD" (aka perfect little travel dress)! One piece offers limitless options from day to night transforming into dresses, skirts and tops in a chic, convertible, lightweight design. 

Plus, every SWOPS product is completely interchangeable so you can match your sandals to your clothing. So simple! 



Pack one. Wear many. Travel more!

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