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Sea Therapy


$165.00 CAD

Sandal Size

Rarely can anything heal quite like the sea and a coastal escape means waves, sandy beaches, local culture, and fun in the sun. We've curated multiway pieces with as much punch as the one you will soon be sipping on! Each piece works perfectly with the rest. Our multiway LTD (little travel dress) in vibrant Caribbean Turquoise makes a statement and flatters everyone. Wear it at least 14 different ways, as 5 dresses, 7 tops, a skirt and a beach wrap. Take it from tanning to dancing with interchangeable faux wood flats and coordinating turquoise, tan and patterned turquoise/brown patterned gladiator laces.

Pop on coconut ring bling for an instantly elevated look.

Save with special capsule pricing on these limited time collections. (Regular retail value: $206.00).

What's in the capsule:

Turquoise 14 in 1
Faux Wood Flat Sandal Bases
Turquoise Gladiator Sandal Laces
Tan Gladiator Sandal Laces
Brown/Turquoise Patterned Gladiator Laces
Coconut Ring Bling
Black Mesh Travel Wash Bag

Pack one. Wear many. Travel more!

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