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Travel Capsules

Travel Capsules


"Travel is the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown."

Pack one. Unpack a wardrobe.
As avid travelers, our mission is to streamline your suitcase without sacrificing style! We've curated some of our favourite multiway pieces to create limited-edition travel capsules that are completely interchangeable and pop into your carry-on like a breeze.
Whether you're planning a quick getaway or dream destination our SWOPS capsules will help take the guesswork out of packing, so travelling light is stress-free. These capsules have what you need to get started; by incorporating a few key items like leggings, jeans and a tank, you'll be able to create a comfortable, customized wardrobe that packs more style in even less space. 
Unpack endless versatility and comfort - for every look you need - and every adventure you take.
Bonus? We've created special capsule pricing which means you can spend less on your travelwear and more on travel!  
(Collection retail value $206.00 = over $40.00 savings.)
Each capsule includes:
1 of The 14 in 1
1 pair of Sandal Bases
3 pairs of Gladiator Sandal Laces
1 set of Sandal Bling
Black Mesh Travel Wash Bag
*The Travel Capsules are currently only available with our original 14 in 1. We hope to offer these in plus-sizes soon

Pack one. Wear many. Travel more!

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